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December Meeting
Wednesday 30 October 2019

Our  December Lecture will be on 3rd December - Please see the Lectures page for details.

First there will be a   SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING

at 10.40 am

1)      Apologies for Absence

2)      Proposed changes to the Constitution ( pl;ease see below for details)

3)      Election of Membership Secretary

Deborah Moore

          Proposed by Viv Pringle

          Seconded by Louise Ashton

4)      Any other business

After the lecture:

You are invited to attend our Christmas  Party

Mulled wine ( including non-alcoholic)

Mince Pies and Nibbles.

Tickets will be available at the November Lecture  £3.00


With the Members approval, the Trustees would like to make some changes to the Society’s Constitution dated October 2017. In Part 1, no changes are proposed, so the agreement of the Charity Commission is not required.

The 2017 Constitution is available on The Arts Society Solent website. The proposed changes refer to the relevant paragraphs in Part 2 of that document, as follows:

         i.      At Paragraph 8K, under Membership the paragraph currently reads ‘The Trustees must keep a register of names and addresses of the Members’ and  should be replaced with the wordsThe Trustees should keep a register of names and addresses of the Members provided this complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)’.

      ii.      At Paragraphs 8N, 13(iii), and 25F, the word ‘Study’ should be replaced by the words 

   ‘Special Interest’.

      iii.      At Paragraph 15G under Proceedings of Trustees, the paragraph currently reads” The quorum should be one third of the total number of Trustees, or such larger number as shall be decided upon from time to time’ and should be replaced with the wordsThe quorum shall be over one half,  two of whom should be an Officer, or such larger number as shall be decided upon from time to time by the Trustees’.

    iv.      At Paragraph 27 in relation to the heading ‘Members Addresses and the Data Protection Act’,  this should be replaced with the words , ‘Members’ Addresses and Data Protection’. 

       v.      At Paragraph 27A The words ‘and in accordance with the GDPR’ should be added at the end of the narrative.